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Confident Amoon Resort Hoskote Bangalore
Confident Amoon Resort

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Kolar Main Roads, Tumkur Road, Bengaluru
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9591997720 or 09591997741
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Confident Amoon Resort has some of the Finest Architecture and Facilities compared to anywhere in the Country or the World. The Entrance has the World's Largest Egyptian Statue a Mind boggling 66 Feet in height and made to perfection. True to Confident Group's different and unique approach and as a Tribute to the most famous "Boy Pharaoh of Egypt" Tutan Khamun.

As the history has recorded, Pharaoh (King) Tutan Khamun ascended to the Throne in the year 1333 B.C at a very Tender age of 9 years. This is the age, when most of us would have been the most Playful. But Pharaoh Tutan Khamun was passionate in managing the well being of all his people and is considered as one of the Best Pharaoh. Same as the way he ascended the Throne he also died at a very Young age of 19 years and even today he is acknowledged as one of the most able Pharaoh to have ever to ruled Egypt. As a tribute to his passion to his people Centuries agoConfident Group has made the largest ever Egypitan Historical statue in the world at Confident Amoon

Also the Resort has a Miniature version of a 9 Hole Golf Course. Designed by the World Famous Golf Designer Ron Fream and Executed by Master Golf Creator Bill Kessener.The Resort also has a Day and Night Cricket Stadium. Apart from 24 Live Swimming Pools. Largest Number of Swimming Pools in a Single Resort in South India. Apart from the above the Resort has a Dome Shaped Discotheque and for Kingly accommodation - Exclusive Presidential Chalets, Villa Chalets, Superior Suites and Superior Rooms - Totally 75 Nos of Accommodations which can easily accommodate close to 200 Guests on any given day.
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